Butler Skateland

Skateland Fall Schedule

Valid for Summer Months 2013

Day Time Info
Sunday 3:30-6 $5.00 Admission $3.00 Rentals
7:00-10:00pm Adult Night (Women 21+ and Men 25+) $8.00 Admission $3.00 Rental
Monday Private Parties Available
Tuesday Private Parties Available.
Wednesday Private Parties Available until 5pm
6:00-7:00pm Adult Skate Lessons $7.00 Admission $3.00 Rental Includes the next Session
7:00-10:00pm Adult Night 21 and Older- $7.00 Admission $3.00 Rental
Thursday Private Parties available. Have your next school field trip or daycare outing! until 5:00pm
5:00-6:00pm Skate Lessons All ages, $5.00 Admission $3.00 Skate Rental Inludes Session. We have a different special every thursday night. Call 262-783-5012 for details.
6:00-8:30pm $5.00 Admission $3.00 Skate Rental. Ages 12-21 must have Skateland Identity Card or be accompanied by a parent. Click here for more info
Friday Private Parties Available. Have your next daycare outing for your daycare during this time! until 5:00 pm
6:00-8:30pm All You Can Eat Pizza and Soda! $10.00 Admission Free rental with paid admission. Everyone who comes in must pay admission price. We print Skateland ID's on Thursday and Friday nights from 6-8:30 only! We do not print Skateland ID's on Saturday Nights. Click here for more info
Saturday 12-2:30 $5 admission Free Skate Rentals
3:00-5:30pm Public Session (geared for kids 13 and under) $5.00 Admission $3.00 Rental
6:00-8:30pm $7.00 Admission $3.00 Rental. Geared for all ages. We only do ID cards for kids ages 13 and younger on Saturday nights-no exceptions. Anyone age 14 AND OLDER is required to have their own skates to enter the building, unless accompanied by THEIR PARENT. Ages 12-21 must have Skateland Identity Card no exceptions. Click here for more info